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Age: 14

Kind Big Sis:
:iconamorra710: She's very kind to me and someone great to talk to. Did I tell you she's sweet?

Playful Big Sister:
:iconhighschooltickler: She's very playful and rp's are a blast. She's so lovable ^////^

Almost Motherly Big Sister:
:iconthescarlethuntress: Hugs and cuteness in rp's. Almost motherly in affection. ^//////^

Artist of a sis:
:iconori-taku666: I have known her from before and her work was great back then and getting even better by the second. She's also pretty interesting to talk to. ^_^

Sweet Mistress:
:iconkarinmarker: She's a very sweet mistress who knows how to tug at my heartstrings. ^////^

Fun Big Brother:
:iconsolidservine97: He is a great rp'er and comes up with quite the wonderful and interesting ideas. ^_^

Neko-like brother:
:iconzaktheelf: We are partners in crime when it comes to making cute roleplays about RWBY. o w o

Playful Big Bro:
:icondarklordawesomedude2: He is very fun to talk and rp with. He is also very playful.

Interesting and Fun Big brother:
:iconmade-up-words: He is very fun to rp and someone who is very nice. ^_^

Sweet and Kawaii Ninja Big Sister:
:iconcam-ellia: Yup, the lovely Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is my big sister. She's so sweet ^/////^

Awesome rp'er Big Bro:
:iconangelicpaladin: He is simply awesome to rp with! He's also quite fun as well o w o

Affectionate Big bro:
:icontroyrich93: He is very affectionate to me. Makes me blush a ton with his sweetness. o//////o
I've been tagged by :icongc254: and I know le rules by now.

Questions for me to answer:

1. What pokemon do you believe is in the biggest need for a mega evolution and include the typing and special ability you believe it should have.

Gastrodon. Gastrodon needs a mega! He should be still ground and water, but have the ability Sap Sipper. Mwahahahaha!

2. If you could have one monster from the Dragon Quest series to be your pet and/or ally, what would you choose?

I never heard of the series before, but i'd have to take the cutest one. o w o

3. You're facing Wario. Who'sa gonna win?

Jackie Chan, mother****ers!

 If you could move anywhere, where would you want your new home to be?

I've always admired Japan and Italy, it would be between those two, but Japan is higher up on my list.

If you could be an actor/actress in a movie, what would you like the movie to be about?

The movie should be about a drift racing mafia or something. o v o

What brought you here to deviantART?

The fanart has brought me here!

 What's your favorite sports team (if any)?

Does Project D count? Anime drift racing people. o w o

What is your favorite song/theme from a video game?

I've always liked the final boss theme from Persona 4. 

If you were/are the leader of a band, what would its name be?'

I would call it the IKEA-istic Starbucks Wreckers o v o  Wreck Starbucks. We need more IKEA.

Out of all the bad dreams/nightmares you've had in your lifetime, what are recurring things/themes that have been in them (if any)?

Bad grades, getting in trouble, feeling abandoned. ;n;

My questions to you.

1. Who is your favorite anime girl?

2. Teddie(Persona 4) vs Happy(Fairy Tail) vs Kirby (Kirby). Which would you like to own?

3. You find a lost Mega Ampharos at your door. What do you do with it?

4. Which is your favorite of my OC's (if any)?

5. Hetalia or Homestuck?

6. Yukiko and Chie (Persona 4) vs Swedish Chef (The Muppets). Who's the better chef?

7. Should Italy from Hetalia replace Justin Bieber as a singer?

8. Name some anime characters who you think should replace Justin Bieber. o w o

9. You find a scared Belgium(Hetalia) at your door. What would you do to her?

10. ASUS, Toyota, Nintendo, Desigual, or IKEA?

I'm tagging who I consider to be my deviantart family. owo

:iconangelicpaladin: Mein brother and rp god ^_^

:iconthescarlethuntress: One of my multiple sisters and rp master

:iconhighschooltickler: my other big sis and awesome roleplayer. owo

:iconKarinMaker: My mistress/third sister

:iconcabela101: rp lord and bro owo

:iconsolidservine97: my bro and someone delightful to rp with

:iconguardianarchangel: my sis and someone interesting to rp with 

darklordAWESOMEDUDE2: Plain awesome rp'er and a bro owo

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