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Age: 14

Hetalia-liking big sis:
:iconguardianarchangel: She's fun to rp with and is very nice to me ^_^

Kind Big Sis:
:iconamorra710: She's very kind to me and someone great to talk to. Did I tell you she's sweet?

Playful Big Sister:
:iconhighschooltickler: She's very playful and rp's are a blast. She's so lovable ^////^

Almost Motherly Big Sister:
:iconthescarlethuntress: Hugs and cuteness in rp's. Almost motherly in affection. ^//////^

Artist of a sis:
:iconori-taku666: I have known her from before and her work was great back then and getting even better by the second. She's also pretty interesting to talk to. ^_^

Sweet Mistress:
:iconkarinmarker: She's a very sweet mistress who knows how to tug at my heartstrings. ^////^

Fun Big Brother:
:iconsolidservine97: He is a great rp'er and comes up with quite the wonderful and interesting ideas. ^_^

Neko-like brother:
:iconzaktheelf: We are partners in crime when it comes to making cute roleplays about RWBY. o w o

Playful Big Bro:
:icondarklordawesomedude2: He is very fun to talk and rp with. He is also very playful.

Interesting and Fun Big brother:
:iconmade-up-words: He is very fun to rp and someone who is very nice. ^_^

Sweet and Kawaii Ninja Big Sister:
:iconcam-ellia: Yup, the lovely Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is my big sister. She's so sweet ^/////^

Awesome rp'er Big Bro:
:iconangelicpaladin: He is simply awesome to rp with! He's also quite fun as well o w o

Affectionate Big bro:
:icontroyrich93: He is very affectionate to me. Makes me blush a ton with his sweetness. o//////o

As of May the twenty first, deviantART will be deleting ALL dA accounts. Not the plz accounts though. But just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly may happen in the future. If we find this message on you're deviantID, journal, etc. We will know that you are not a fake.

Thank you for listening,

-deviantART staff
I have been tagged by my deviantart big brother, :iconangelicpaladin:

Let me answer his questions o w o

1. How do you feel about me tagging you?

- I feel awesome of course! XD It's great to know one of my favorite deviants have tagged me ^_^

2. You're in a zombie apocalypse with the main character from the last game you played or TV show/Movie you watched. How screwed are you?

Well, I'm with Dandy from Space Dandy. I don't know how screwed I am! XD Stay dandy, zombies! space puppy 

3. Who will/would you use as your main in Super Smash Bros?

I will main as either Lucina or Kirby. *grins evilly at my foes* All hell will break loose The Seriously Evil Laugh 

4. Favorite Pokemon?

Ampharos!!! He's so adorbs and such a badass >w< Lucario can go to B.F.E XD

5. You see a child drop an iPod in the park, and he is about to leave without it. Do you give it back to them, or keep it?

Keep it! Prussia (Evil Sneaky Plan) [V5] 
Joking! Joking! Of course I'll give it back! ^_^

6. You are the star of your own Video Game or Movie! Who or what would be your main villain?

Dean Winchestner or Justin Beiber should be the villain! XD Attention-stealing mothertruckers! England (Evil) [V3] 

7. A man comes up to you, and tells you that you could have a million dollars, but someone you know will die. This could be anyone you know, including family, friends, or even people you don't like... Do you take the money?
             As much as I want the money, I don't want people to die from my selfishness o n o

8. The world has fallen to apocalypse. An alien tells you that you are the last human alive. You may bring one of the opposite sex from any form of media to life in order to continue the survival of the human race on another planet. Who do you choose?

That's a hard one parallel universe, I bring Taiwan from hetalia; in another, I bring Miku-chan; in another, I bring Belgium from Hetalia; in another, I bring Honey from Space Dandy; in another, I bring Ramona flowers; in another, I bring Chie from Persona 4; in another, I bring Tsubaki from Soul Eater  o w o I'm a smartass

9. Are you happy this is the second-to-last question?

Nyet. These questions are fun

10. You will encounter the scariest being you can imagine on this Halloween... who or what are they?

Freakin Dean Winchestner/Justin Beiber crossbreed Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 

Mein Questions to you

1. You get to date any of my characters. Who do you choose? o w o

2. Who's your favorite anime chick?

3. Aliens are attacking! The nearby items you can use to attack are an IKEA chair, a Miku plushie, and a doughnut. What do you use? o w o

4. Death Battle! The Stig vs Godzilla vs Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee vs Yu Narukami vs Kirito vs Dean Winchestner vs Super Saiyan Miku vs James Bond vs Black*Star . Who shall win?

5. IKEA vs KIA!!! Which do you like more?

6. You find a lost neko!Levi at your door! what do you do?

7. I like pandas, how about you, aru? Hetalia Spinning China Aru Icon 

8.  Do you want to watch Big Hero 6 when it comes out?

9. Bored? o n o

10. If you got to date any character from media, who'd you date?

I tag...
:iconangelicpaladin: :iconguardianarchangel: :iconkirbyfan432: :iconlittle-miss-spades: :iconthescarlethuntress: :iconanimeboyperv: :iconashtydt3: :iconamorra710: :iconhighschooltickler: and :icontroyrich93: and :icongorgon-crona:

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